All the works of Sonia G Caballero are unique and exclusive pieces, carefully made with materials of the highest quality and noble metals, Platinum, 24K Gold, Silver etc. Using techniques of fine Japanese art, in fusion with Traditional European classics, give her work a unique character


2014 | 90cm x 130cm | Oil on Canvas. This is a 350 year old Wisteria tree, which is in Ashikaga Flower Park in Tochigi, Japan. JAPAN COLLECTION is inspired by my nearly 20 years living in [...]


2012 | 80cm x 120cm Oil and Acrylic on 3D Canvas and Aluminum. Inspired in a scene from the last autumn dragonflies. JAPAN COLLECTION is inspired by my nearly 20 years living in Japan, I [...]


2009 40cm x 120 cm | Oil on 3D Canvas, Aluminum. In this work the influence of Japanese artists like Shibata Zeshin, Katsushika Hokusai and Ando Hiroshige can be appreciated. It [...]


2008 | 60cm x 20cm | Oil on Canvas Aikawa is a beautiful place in the mountains of the province of Kanagawa in Japan. AIKAWA is a spring landscape, cherry blossoms at night. JAPAN [...]

Spring and Autumn of Mont Fuji

2006 | 2.30 m x 2.50 m Oil on Wood Panel and 24K Gold Dust. This work is inspired by the Rimpa School of decorative painting in Japanese art. It represents two typical stations in Japan very [...]


2008 | 60.5cm x 73cm Oil on Canvas and 24 K Gold Inspired in the famous cherry blossoms of Miharu in Fukushima. Number one in the ranking of the most visited places of cherry blossoms season [...]


2004 | 38cm x 45cm Oil paint on canvas PACIFIC is a work that represents a landscape of the Japanese coast of the Pacific Ocean. JAPAN COLLECTION is inspired by my nearly 20 years living in [...]

Autumn in Mt Fuji

2004 | 38cm x 46cm Oil on Canvas Inspired in a realistic landscapes of the Japanese autumn. Mount Fuji in contrast to the red color of the famous "Japanese Cypresses" (Momilli), with its [...]

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