2012 | 80cm x 120cm Oil and Acrylic on 3D Canvas and Aluminum. Inspired in a scene from the last autumn dragonflies. JAPAN COLLECTION is inspired by [...]


2014 | 90cm x 130cm | Oil on Canvas. This is a 350 year old Wisteria tree, which is in Ashikaga Flower Park in Tochigi, Japan. JAPAN COLLECTION is [...]


2004 | 38cm x 45cm Oil paint on canvas PACIFIC is a work that represents a landscape of the Japanese coast of the Pacific Ocean. JAPAN COLLECTION is [...]

Spring and Autumn of Mont Fuji

2006 | 2.30 m x 2.50 m Oil on Wood Panel and 24K Gold Dust. This work is inspired by the Rimpa School of decorative painting in Japanese art. It [...]


2008 | 60.5cm x 73cm Oil on Canvas and 24 K Gold Inspired in the famous cherry blossoms of Miharu in Fukushima. Number one in the ranking of the most [...]


2008 | 60cm x 20cm | Oil on Canvas Aikawa is a beautiful place in the mountains of the province of Kanagawa in Japan. AIKAWA is a spring landscape, [...]


2009 40cm x 120 cm | Oil on 3D Canvas, Aluminum. In this work the influence of Japanese artists like Shibata Zeshin, Katsushika Hokusai and Ando [...]

Autumn in Mt Fuji

2004 | 38cm x 46cm Oil on Canvas Inspired in a realistic landscapes of the Japanese autumn. Mount Fuji in contrast to the red color of the famous [...]