The artist


onia G. Caballero was born in Madrid, Spain, in 1976. Her first contact with painting was in her infancy at the age of seven.

In 1986 she moved to live in Seville for family reasons.

 In 1997 She traveled to Japan for the first time and in 1998 she finished my studies in Advertising, Marketing and Art Direction and she moved to Japan to live there.

In 2005 she finished studies in Interior Decoration.

During her trip to Kyoto in 2000 for first time, her artistic vocation began to take shape.
Her works are directly influences by Japanese art, being soaked up in the different traditional techniques of the country, and at the same time developing these cultural techniques .

Her works bear a seal, both personal and universal, with a clear influence of Japanese art and culture, combining visual techniques of Eastern and Western oil painting.

In doing so, she has managed to develop a very original and quite distinctive style, both in painting and Japanese Traditional Lacquer decoration, resulting in its own technique, the “Kourinhaku-oil” and “ Neo-naturalism“ style.

She has developed a genuine pictorial language, gathering in her works rare elements. Her compositions include bright colors combined with precious metals like  GOLD, PLATINUM ,SILVER, COPPER … revealing a strong influence of Japanese Artists like Ogata Korin, Hokusai, Zeshin and European Artists like Klimt being featured among others.

In her portraits she seeks perfection with photographic image processing. Therefore the most important features are their high concentration of naturalism together with the details.

Teaching experience in art class in Montessori Schools in Japan with children from 3 to 12 years old.

Since 2017, she has started working in a new project  Art & Jewelry with Rose Gold, White Gold, Yellow Gold and Diamonds.

Since 2018  she is working in Coral sculptures  with PLATINUM and DIAMONDS in combination with  Oil Colors.

She is in continuous Innovation, Creation of New Works and taking New Projects

I love creating alternative worlds from my dreams


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